Story of An Artist

It is all in a good story. The creation of myth and magic through words, sound, paint, ink… noise. Without context noise becomes chaos, cacophony, raw unfiltered madness. My goal or vision if I dare sound grandiose is to create noise that travels with purpose to tell the stories of the world around me.
It is a world in which the homeless man on the corner is painted as a wandering traveler, where deceased family members watch over us in the form of antlered spirits. A world where people wear raven suits and jellyfish shine like stars.
I use painting, sculpture and printmaking equally to create works inspired by the energy of cityscapes and surreal daydreams that occur in my head. I work on several pieces at a time with the intent of creating work that can be viewed as coming from the same world using a variety of techniques including both traditional methods and a street artists approach. This results in work that has a finished yet raw look to it. The combination of dripping paint, clean lines and multi-layered collage looks all form a cohesive style that represents the world around me as I see it. It is my intent to create images that challenge the perception that art has to be separate from life.

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